Search Engine Working 2020 – Free Tips on Crawling and Indexing

Search Engine Working

search engineSearch Engine Working includes major three process crawling, indexing and rendering that is performed by search engine bot such as GoogleBot. These are falls  into technical SEO. 

Search Engine Working

Search engine is a web based tool that enables internet users to retrieve the information from the world wide web aka www. Result is displayed by the Search engine when the user types their query into the search engine box in the form of keywords or phrases. They work as horses of www in the process of retrieving information available over the web. 

Searcher & Search Query: Searcher is an important term used by the majority of internet marketers for the users who type a query into the search box in order to get the relevant result and these types of user’s query in the form of a keyword called search query

Types of Searches: There are Mainly Three Types of Internet Searches: 

  • Informational Searches
  • Navigational Searches
  • Transactional Searches

Information Searches are used by searchers to find any information about a topic products or services for which they are aware. 

Navigational Searches used by searchers when they want to visit a brand specific website. 

Transaction Searches are used by searchers when they are ready to make a purchase. Usually it is used when searches are in the conversion phase of the purchase funnel. 

How Search Engines Works - Crawling and Indexing

Search Engine Working & Crawler: In order to show up your content in the SERP, it must be indexed into the search engine database which is known as index. In fact visibility of the content available on the web depends on the crawling and indexing. Search engine working depends on the crawling, indexing and rendering of the web pages  performed by crawler or search engine bot such as googlebot.

Crawling, Indexing and rendering are the building block methods of search engine working. When any new and fresh content is uploaded on the web, the very first action that comes in the action by the search engine is crawling. It is used to scan and analyze the contents with the help of crawler and after crawling, the scanned and analyzed pages added into the search engine database within the relevant category properly which is called indexing. When any query is fired by the user by using keyword, phrases or kind of search term, the search engine crawler comes in action and starts finding most relevant results then displays the results. the process of displaying results in the SERP called rendering. 

GoogleBot or Crawler: It is an automated software or computer program that crawls or fetches pages from the web and indexes them into a search engine database. Every search engine has their own crawler such as GoogleBot for google, BingBot for Bing, SlurpBot for Yahoo, DuckDuckBot for DuckDuckGo, Baiduspider for Baidu etc. The generic name of google search engine crawler is GoogleBot.

Most of the people are confused about the working process of Crawling and Indexing involved in the search engine working, they consider these two processes are the same but this is not true, both crawling and indexing are two different processes performed during search engine working by search engine bots or crawler such as GoogleBot. They are not mutually inclusive. 

Search Engine Working Important Terminologies:

  • Crawling and Crawler
  • Indexing and Search Engine Index
  • Rendering
  • SERP
  • Google Autocomplete 
  • GoogleBot Crawler
  • Google Penalty 
  • Google Guidelines
  • Google Rich Answer Box
  • Google Sandbox

Types of Search Engine - Google

Search engines have several types such as google, bing, yahoo, duckduckgo, baidu etc. All search engines working are almost the same. All of them have their own search engine working algorithms and guidelines.

The popularity of search engines depends on the user experiences, likeability and volume of people who use what search engine. Out of them Google is the world ‘s most popular search engine with the highest market share and after Google, the other search engines that are preferred by users are Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo & Yandex. 

Google Search Engine: Google is the world ‘s most popular search engine with the market share of 93% www. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin 1998. Letter GOOGLE is not an abbreviation. It doesn’t stand for anything. Backrub is the Google’s old name or first name when Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the company

Bing Search Engine: Bing search engine created and operated by microsoft with a market share of 2.32%.

Yahoo Search Engine: is an american web services provider owned by verizon media was incorporated on March 2, 1995. It is one of the oldest names on the internet  and services provided by yahoo are web portal and search engine. The market share of Yahoo search engine is 1.59%. 

Yandex Search Engine: Yandex is a russian search engine with a market share of 0.56% 

Baidu Search Engine: Baidu is a chinese search engine with a chinese market share of 69.54%. It offers almost the same services as google. 

DuckDuckGo Search Engine: It is a search engine that focuses on the user’s privacy and does not use personalized search results.

Vertical Search Engine: A search engine that focuses on a specific segment of online content, called vertical search engines such as google maps, YouTube, google news, google images etc. 

Search Engine Q&A Download

Search Engine Ranking - SERP Visibility

Search Engine Ranking: Making your webpage appear in the SERP for a particular search term or keywords called search engine ranking. Organic ranking is achieved by SEO which is a process of gaining SERP visibility, quality and quantity of site traffic. Ranking of your online content depends on the several search engine ranking factors. 

SERP or Search Engine Result Pages and SERP Visibility

SERP are the web pages that are stored on the web server and displayed by the search engine in response to the query by searcher. In other ways when a user or searcher enters the search query in the form of  keyword or phrase, then the search engine displays the relevant result to the searcher. The very first result is SERP ranking #1 and second result is SERP ranking #2 and so on. 

The visibility in the SERP of online content is the second most important thing after getting your content online or over the web. In other ways SERP Visibility means the appearance  of your website in the search results. There are mainly two types of SERP visibility.

  • Organic SERP Visibility 
  • Paid SERP Visibility 

Organic SERP Visibility depends on the Site SEO(Search Engine Optimization) success whereas paid SERP visibility depends on your paid campaign performance such as SEM(Search Engine Marketing).   

Like SERP visibility type, there are two types of SERP results:

  • Organic Search Results
  • Paid Search Results 

Organic Search Results: List of web pages that appear as a search engine results due to keyword relevancy or else called organic search results. Organic search results are free, you just need to optimize the website as per search engine guidelines. 

Paid Search Results: Paid search is a type of digital marketing where search engines allow advertisers to show ads on the SERP, these results are called paid search results.  

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Search Engine Ranking Factors: Most important Google ranking factors are:

  • Quality Content
  • Quality & Relevant Backlinks
  • Website Responsiveness 
  • Page Speed
  • Brand Strength
  • Domain Strength
  • User experience
  • Social Signals
  • Content Freshness
  • Schema Code
  • Domain Authority
  • Content Type
  • Content Depth

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