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keywords ideas

Keywords Ideas can be defined as grabbing the knowledge about a particular topic from different resources available on the internet in different versions.

keywords ideas

How to Get Keyword Idea: If you want to start writing a blog with SEO Friendly content about a particular topic but you don’t have any idea about keywords then what will you do? Off Course you will start exploring similar content that can help you to get a keyword idea in order to write a blog post that has unique SEO Friendly content

In order to write seo friendly content you need to find out most relevant words or phrases which are most used and preferred in that particular article. Then go through several available relevant online resources and make a list with this data and after having a raw keywords ideas list about your website or business, use keyword research tools for each and every word or phrase in your list. As per the generated result, identify which you should use. 

Keyword Ideas from some of the best resources to find new

  • Google’s Search Results
  • Reddit
  • Wikipedia
  • Forum
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Google’s Autocomplete
  • Google Trends
  • Exact Match Keyword SERP Results
  • Keyword Research & Analysis SEO Tools

Google Search Results - SERP Suggestions

Google’s Search Results: As we know google is everywhere. Several types of search engines are available but google is one of the most popular and used by all over the world. If google verifies and marks that you have SEO friendly content then you must be relaxed as 90% search engine follows googles verification strategy for SEO Friendly content.

google search results

That is why googles search result displayed at the bottom section within the SERP is considerable. They are the perfect resource for getting the idea about long tail keywords.

Google Autocomplete Search Feature

Google autocomplete is a search feature within google search engine that provides relevant suggestions to the users when the user is typing into the search box. These suggestions come directly from search engine index which is google databases. Google 


google autocompleteBeginners can take the advantage of Google autocomplete search feature when they have little to no knowledge about how to get keywords ideas. Autocomplete feature is suitable for long tail keyword ideas as suggested data by google autocomplete is based on the history and relevance of the search query.

Since Google has a collection of huge data sets stored in their database and Google algorithms are also designed in a way to understand the search intent of the user base. That’s why accuracy and relevancy score of data provided by Google Autocomplete is fully trustworthy. That’s why it is recommended to not forget suggestions provided by Google, YouTube to consider While writing SEO friendly content for your blog post.

Reddit Keyword Tool to find new keywords ideas

Reddit may also be useful in order to find out keyword ideas if your audience hangs out there. In order to find relevant keyword ideas you just land on Reddit and search for your keyword by digging into a sub reddit where the majority of your audience hangs out. Eat out for the threads that have lots of social engagements such as share, comments, save and likes. 

Keyword Reddit Tool: Digging into a sub reddit might be completed and time consuming. If you don’t want to do it manually, use the keyword reddit tool which is a free seo tool provided by Reddit itself. This SEO Tool can easily scan reddit words and phrases that people use and that has monthly search volume.

Wikipedia - Goldmine solutions for Ideas

SEO WikipediaWikipedia is a goldmine for keyword research as it is a free online encyclopedia that allows volunteers to contribute with the content at free of cost.

Getting keyword ideas from wikipedia is very simple. For that you just need to dig into your content relevant to Wikipedia. 

Keywords Ideas from Forum

Forum: It is considered one of the most important places for SEO developers regarding SEO activity in order to build authority and trust factor of your website. find out your topic related forum where the majority of your audiences hang out. Digging into the threads having lots of social media shares such as likes, shares and comments can help you to get a bunch of ideas about keywords.

Common Search String That people use to find the forum in google are: 

  • “Keyword forum”
  • “Keyword” + “forum”
  • “Keyword” + “board” 

Social Media Platform: Finding keywords ideas from social media can also be a good choice as social media craze is increasing day by day. 

Why social media for finding keyword ideas? Social media is a social and virtual networking platform over the web where every individual is free to share their thoughts, opinion, ideas, information and so on about any particulars. Nowadays every individual, business or organization who is familiar with internet technology, started using social media platforms for several reasons such as marketing, promotion & advertising for their business growth & development, to become public figure, working as influencer or etc, here you can get almost all kinds of community. That’s why social media plays a vital role in keeping you updated with latest trends and technologies.      

Google Trends - Real Time Keyword Tool

Google Trends: Google trends is a web based tool offered by google  helps you to know whether your keyword is growing fast or dying slow.

Google Trends is used to analyze the current trends such as popularity of top search queries from various regions and languages. It allows users to search for specific topics for which you are interested and want to know about their popularity. 

Google TrendsUsing this Google Trends enables you to see the search interest of a particular term over time, where it’s most-searched, or what else people search for in connection with it. 

Google Trends allows you to filter trends data in real time and non-real time ways. Real time search provides random sample of searches from the last seven days while non real time search provides random sample of the full google dataset that can go back from anywhere from 2004 to approx 36 hours ago

Finding Keywords Ideas from Keywords Research & Analysis SEO Tools such as:

  • Google Keywrd Planner
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Ubersuggest
  • SEMrush
  • Ahref

Google keyword planner is one of the most important with a high trustworthy score, keyword research tools. That produces most reliable keyword information as it’s a google product. The major downside of GKP is that it is developed to help people with their Google ad campaign not with SEO. You can not fully depend on GKP for your SEO.

GKP is considered the most reliable source of keyword information rather than other tools because data produced by other tools comes from the keyword Planner’s Data. It is a very helpful marketing tool to find user intent based keywords ideas up to some extent. is a new tool that scrapes the web for popular serging or growing terms.

Keyword Everywhere is also a good keyword research tool that displays your keyword ideas from different places around the web including YouTube, Bing and Google analytics. In order to use keywords everywhere, all you need to do is just install the chrome extension.

Ubersuggest: The first Google suggest scraper was ubersuggest. It generates keyword ideas from google search suggestions as well as gives you data on each keyword like search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC and more. 

SEMrush:  highly recommended paid SEO keyword tool used for keyword research and analysis because it shows the exact keyword that a site already ranks for. 

Ahref: Another good paid SEO tool also used for link building. It generates simple variations of the keyword you type. Another best thing about Ahref is that it generates tons of data on each keyword. Although keyword explorers still do the same thing but it is less preferred than Ahref as Ahref came up with New keyword idea that keyword explorers can’t do with lots of features such as keyword difficulty, keyword competition level, clicks, CPS, CPC, content gap etc. 

Keywords SEO difficulty: tells whether a keyword is too competitive to rank or not.

Keyword competition level: Can be identified by Keyword SEO difficulty. It is based on a combination of page authority and domain authority.

CanlRank:  is an entire tool dedicated to keyword difficulty. It not only spot out keyword difficulty but also evaluate keyword competition level relative to your site.

Content Gap: is one of the important features in Ahref as it plays a vital role in competitor analysis. Content Gap feature helps you to see and analyze multiple site rankings for exact keywords helping you to get to the next level. 

Tips to find keywords Ideas from Ahref

  • It is Recommended to analyze keywords based on searcher intent. 
  • Avoid using navigational search intent so what if it has a great CPC with monthly search volume. 
  • Don’t ignore shoulder keywords as product keywords are highly competitive. Shoulder keywords help you to find keywords that customers search for although they are not directly related to what you sell.

Search Volume: keyword search volume refers to the number of people or volume of searchers for a particular keyword in a given time, the more people search for a keyword, the more traffic you can get. Recommended search volume for secondary keywords are 2000/m.

Organic Click Through Rate: Organic CTR helps you to pull an estimate of how many clicks you will get from a first page Google ranking. Target low competition term if your site is new or couldn’t have tons of backlink and gradually target more competitor keywords as your site grows in authority. Ahref and MozPro both can estimate CTR. Your targeted keyword must have reasonable search volume and high Enough CTR.

Cost Per Click: having good search volume for your keyword is good but if it has zero commercial intent then there is no point in targeting them.

Bonus Tips for your SEO Interview Question: Barnacle SEO is the practice of listing other site’s authority to rank on the first page. Publishing keyword optimized content on authority site helps you to rank #1 in the SERP. Recommended to optimized content around synonyms and related keywords doing these, you can get even more search engine traffic to your page. 

Other High quality free resources tips to find out new keywords ideas for your SEO Friendly content.
  • Like Wikipedia, Google search console is also considered a goldmine for keyword ideas. Go to GSC-> Open Performance Report -> Eat out the terms that bring in the most clicks from google search.
  • Article published on individual platform
  • Ideas from blog posting and commenting
  • Ideas from forum submission, newsletter triggered words, website’s offers and headlines
  • Current trends and modern lifestyles
  • E-Newspapers, Press Release and PR strategie etc.

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